Red Army Squad Edit

The Red Army Squad is the USSR's version of the primary infantry unit. It has 6 action points and has a range of two tiles.

Appearance Edit

The Red Army Squad depicts a squad of 6 Red Army Troopers holding a mixture of rifles and PPSh-41 Sub machine-guns. During the many battles of the Eastern front, the Russian Soldier was not well trained and to compensate, they were given PPSh-41s. With these sub machine-guns, it would require less skill to use and therefore make up for the lack of training.

Special Abilities Edit

Whilst the Red Army Squad lacks both damage and health to a majority of units, they possess many different special abilities that is not able to be done by other units such as vehicles. They can occupy structures such as Bunkers and MG-42 positions whilst being able to travel across ice and travel across mountains. The Red Army Squad costs 200 gold to purchase and has 6 action points. They are effective against other infantry units and can act as a scout, clearing the fog of war, extending your view of the battlefield. They can however be killed within one shot from a stationary unit if not protected properly. They do not require much supplying since if they are resupplied, they will receive full ammunition and health.

Trivia Edit

  • The Red Army Squad is the cheapest unit in the game
  • The Red Army Squad surprisingly has the same amount of health as a light fighter plane.