Panzer VI "Tiger I" Edit

The Panzer VI 'Tiger I' or Panzerkampfwagen VI Ausfuhrung H is the German version of the Heavy Tank. It has six action points, one less of the Panzer IV. It has the standard armour attack range of three tiles.

Appearance Edit

The Panzer VI was a German heavy tank designed to provide heavy support to other units and maintain the German army's superiority status on both the Western and Eastern front. The Tiger Tank was mainly developed to help with the advance on the Eastern front and to counter the allies in the African Campaign. The tanks began construction in 1942 and continued to be manufactured until 1944 however only 1,347 were ever created. The tank features a heavily armoured front with a square shaped turret. The turret features a 88mm cannon along side with two 7.92 mm MG-34s; one mounted next to the main gun and one below the turret. The turret sometimes has a radio antenna. Although the tank has MGs, it only ever uses it's main cannon to neutralise targets.

Special Abilities Edit

The Panzer VI is the strongest unit in the game, being able to destroy a Medium Tank in one hit at close range. It can take down most tough targets within two or three shots and is able to endure much damage. It can act as a meatshield for the more important units such as Supply Trucks and Artillery. It however has it's downsides such as an extremely high cost. In fact, it is the most expensive unit in the game costing a whopping 2400 gold. Despite it's high cost, it is well worth the price since it can make the difference between victory and defeat in very difficult battles.


  • It can take down many tough units in a few shots
  • It can take a lot of damage, providing protection for important units
  • It can block paths, giving enemies a hard time trying to pass.
  • It can be very offensive with it's high firepower
  • It can be used as a very effective defence unit

Trivia Edit

  • The Tiger tank manufacturing was scrapped when the Tiger II was developed.
  • The Tiger was the first of a new series of German heavy and super heavy tanks.
  • The Tiger took part in the battle of Kursk in 1943 and the Battle of the Bulge in 1944.
  • There are around 8 Tiger Tanks in museums worldwide.
  • Even though the Tiger Tank was used in 1942 and 1943, they were not used in 1941.