Panzerkampfwagen III
Panzer III
Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf. L
Type Light Tank
Cost 600 Golds
Action Point Eight (8) Points
Weak Against Tanks, Artilleries & Air Strikes
Other Details
Attack Range Three (3) Tiles
Strong Against Infantries
Fuel Capacity Thirty (30) Bars
Ammunition Capacity Six (6) Bars

Panzer III, or Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf. L, is the only Light Tank available in the game, and it is only available on the German side. The role is somehow, the same as the anti-infantry vehicle Sd. Kfz 231 , only being stronger, meaning harder to be taken down by an enemy. It has eight action points, so much for a tank, while having an attack range of three tiles. Due to the characteristic of that it is a tank, it cannot traverse through ice.


The Panzer III was actually designed as a Medium Tank. During the World War II, it failed to take down the Soviet's T-34 so its role was switched with the Panzer IV. The Panzer III didn't have a big turret unlike how the Panzer IV did, but it was better on taking down Infantries during the World War II, in which, the game sets it as Light Tank, a correct configuration. Since it was the Ausf. L version, it featured the long 5 cm gun.

Special AbilitiesEdit

It is the only tank with the most action points, allowing them to scout further up and returning easily. The tank could travel upto 30 tiles on the road before it ran out of fuel and can shoot 6 times before running out of its ammunition without resupplying. The tank is however, easy to be taken down as tank destroyers can take it out in just a single hit and heavy tanks can take it out in a single hit if it is so near provided that the Panzer III wasn't fortified. The Panzer III also didn't consume much crates to resupply it if it takes much damage, unlike the heavy tanks. The tank can easily take out infantries sometimes even with just a single hit on the enemy. Since it is a tank, only infantries (not enemy infantries) can walk past this unit.



  • Panzer III is originally a medium tank, but during World War II, its service saw it was obsolete against the Soviet's T-34 and so was replaced with an even better Panzer IV
  • The Panzer III chassis was proven successful, so the German developed and even better tank, by using the chassis of the Panzer III, replacing the turret with a fixed casemate and mounting an even more powerful weapon, the 7.5 cm gun. It was the StuG III.
  • Sometimes, even when the Panzer III's health is low, its still able to inflict high damage upon infantries.

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  • StuG III - A tank developed from the chassis of Panzer III