Panzer Grenadiers
Panzer Grenadiers
Panzer Grenadiers
Type Anti-Tank Infantry
Cost 250 (300 on Multiplayer)
Action Point Three (3) Points
Weak Against Anti-Infantries Vehicles, Artilleries, Bunkers & Air Strikes
Other Details
Attack Range Three (3) Tiles
Strong Against Tanks, Utility Vehicles, Artilleries
Ammunition Capacity Six (6) Bars

Panzer Grenadiers are the only anti-tank infantry available on the german side of the game. It has three action points, while having an attack range of three tiles, of which is also the attack range for all tanks except for tank destroyers. The advantage of it is that it could avoid the range of attack of infantries while still be able to attack them.


The Panzer Grenadiers appears to represent a group of four soldiers, each holding a Panzerfaust, a Recoilless Anti-Tank Gun. The Panzer Grenadiers could attack 6 times before running out of its ammunitions without resupplying. Due to the fact that it is an infantry, it is easy to be killed even though if it is fortified.

Special AbilitiesEdit

It could be used as a scout, though it is more like a "Slow Scout" as it has only three action points, of which climbing a mountain or running into the forest already consumed three action points, making the Stormtroopers  more superior than the Panzer Grenadiers. Panzer Grenadiers are still useful to take down artilleries, though it needs a lot of gold for camouflaging as most enemy artilleries are positioned on the mountainsides. By fortifying it, two Panzer Grenadiers can take down an artillery, with one being badly attacked while the other one unharmed. It is great at taking down tanks, while being inferior at taking down anti-infantry vehicles, due to the fact that anti-infantries are meant to take down infantries. Since it is an infantry, it can be loaded into a Transport Truck & can occupy Bunkers & MG-42 positions. Every units (except for enemy units) can walk past this Panzer Grenadier since its an infantry.


See AlsoEdit

  • Panzerfaust - A Recoilless Anti-Tank Weapon used by the Panzer Grenadiers
  • 82mm Squad - The Soviet Anti-Tank infantry counterpart