MG-42 Position Edit

The MG-42 Position is a hidden nest where an MG-42 German machine gun is located.

Appearance Edit

The MG-42 Position looks like a small burrow dug deep into the earth surrounded by stones with a MG-42 mounted on the rocks. The MG-42 was a popular machine gun widely used by the German Army and by the SS during World War II. There are different models of the MG-42, such as the MG-36. MG-39 etc. Two soldiers would occupy the MG position; one who would act as a loader, loading the bullet belt into the MG whilst the other would aim.

Special Abilities Edit

The MG-42 is a stationary structure that acts very similarly to the Bunker. It can be occupied by infantry from either sides if it is neutral. It features in many missions. If you are playing as the Germans, you will most likely start with one or multiple MG-42 Positions in strategic defensive positions. The MG-42 Position has less health than the Bunker and deals less damage but stays hidden in the fog of war to an opponent. It can withstand at least two shots from a Heavy Tank. It can only be occupied by infantry and upon successful destruction, the player will be rewarded with a set amount of gold, typically from 200-300 gold. The MG-42 Position can destroy most infantry units in close proximity to the unit within one shot but will need resupplying after firing 4 times.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite the game being set in 1941, the MG-42 was not introduced into the German Army until 1942.
  • The MG-42 Position is a German exclusive stationary unit
  • The destruction of an MG-42 Position will reward some gold to the player.